Ritz-Carlton Launches Drone Academy Experience

Yeah we may have a little tech fetish in us. And why not, the yacht always looks better from 100 feet up. So we think we’ll make our way over to the The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay for this one. They’ve partnered with Lumoid, a gadget rental company out of SF to launch a “Drone Academy”. You’ll be able to hone your drone and ariel photog skills with some pros for $300 a session. Four DJI drone models will be available and you get to walk away with all your footage right away on a memory card or wait for it to be delivered to you online. We can’t wait to test out our new skills the next time we’re on the big boat.

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You Can Buy A Teen Blood Transfusion for $8000


No one is getting any younger. So hedge your bet against old age by diving into some new blood. Not literally. But if you’re up for it a start-up called Ambrosia is on the hunt to turn back aging by selling blood transfusions sourced from people 25 and under. Yes, a bit gross. Maybe even a tad distopyan. Look no one is going to cure aging this way and maybe it’s a bit of PR stunt on Ambrosia’s part but here are the facts. They buy up from blood banks that sell to pharma companies. The goal is to sign up a few hundred people and see what happens as Amrosia’s belief is that this approach is an effective anti-aging method. Sounds like the baby-boomers are already on board…but it’s never to late to get some young blood to sign up!

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